Day 5: Slower


Another annoying day. It finished up, but could have gone so much better if I’d ran at EV in key spots. I’m playing very good though, so it doesn’t really matter. I need to be focused on the long term.

I read the Mika Anttonen’s blog (Chuck Bass on 2p2), and I was really inspired when I was looking through some of his secondary goals. They showed me that I’m not the only one having the problems I have.

These are most of the goals he listed that I wouldn’t mind following:

“Secondary goals that I’m going to do monthly checks on:
[ ] study, put effort into studying, make notes
[ ] review your own game between sessions, actively look for leaks, write public posts about retarded things you see yourself doing and seek for solutions
[ ] CARE, be a professional
[ ] stop browsing while playing, stop 27-tabling facebook chats while 25-tabling poker, spend the “boring” time making notes and observing
[ ] THINK, USE YOUR BRAIN, always take a 2 second breather before a decision to avoid auto-piloting
[ ] meditate before sessions, give yourself a mental pep talk before every session
[ ] show maximum heart and commitment (<–courtesy of Finnish hero Rebuy Roope)
[ ] stay motivated, never punt a tournament because you’re oi
[ ] learn to be mentally stronger, stop sweating flips, start giving zero care for outcomes, don’t even notice what happens, just focus on decisions
[ ] stop regging late night turbos and other “session savers”, when it goes bad just let it go as long as you played good, learn to accept short term losses and always reg smart, SEE THE BIG PICTURE”

There’s really been no structure in my life for a long time. Fix this!

I’ve been poor at studying, and I think that I’ll sign up for a coaching site at some point again. Ivey’s new site will probably be the nuts when it has some more content.


PokerStars: $22.84
Bwin: $3.07
888: $11.04
Titan: $2.85

Total: $39.80
Change since last update: $1.06 (2.74%)

OPR on Stars: 90.25%
Pocketfives ranking: 21 962


Day 4! Slowly, but surely



Because of my strange sleeping pattern in the midst of all this moving, I decided to just post an update of the last two days results now, as I’ve yet to sleep.

I ran pretty good at Stars, and my ROI for the days passed 100%. Even so, I lost some while ahead in some big spots, so the win still eludes me. Hopefully I can keep this up, so I can move up before the week is over. And yeah, I have to up my volume as well.


PokerStars: $19.94
Bwin: $4.42
888: $11.53
Titan: $2.85

Total: $38,74
Change since yesterday: $7.46 (23.85%)